I feel like it was a miracle that I found Liahona Prep Academy when I did [after having] tried public school, which was very disappointing. I tried Homeschooling, which was wonderful, and exhausting, and fulfilling, and exhausting. [Learning how] kids go through stages in Jr. High, they will listen to just about anyone but their parents. This is when I found Liahona.

At this new venture, my children absolutely loved school! I didn’t know that was possible, judging from my own public school experiences. One even cried the last day of school wishing they’d have summer school. Each night we would have conversations around the dinner table about what they were excitedly learning about. We’d discuss the Founding Fathers, current events, issues of the day, and I was amazed at their growing patriotism and testimonies. I knew I had found the right place for my kids.

We loved the summer “Super Trips,” “Service Trips,” the sporting events, the Youth Conferences, and we parents were often involved in chaperoning these events. Parent involvement is very important and appreciated at this academy. Having the classes online motivate proper behavior in class for the students. They also love getting to know the students from around the world.

I have had four children go through the program to graduation, and on to college and missions. I appreciate the foundation they received here with teachers and faculty who love them and teach them important principles for accomplishing their missions here during their turn on earth.