Elementary Course Content

Grades 1-2

Course Content:Grades 1-2


Phonics skills including: short & long vowels, blends, vowel teams, sight words, blending letters into words, compound words, syllables, sentence construction, and simple grammar rules. Comprehension skills and oral and silent reading skills are also taught with the children reading simple books up to chapter books, based on each child's reading level. We also have daily scripture study, as well as using other Gospel apps such as those found on the Church's websites.


Math skills taught include counting to 1000's, skip counting by 2's, 5's, & 10's, odd, even, and ordinal numbers, counting money, degrees of temperature, Place value
for 1's, 10's, and hundred's, number order – least to greatest, fact families, addition and subtraction to three digits with and without regrouping, geometry, logical thinking, money, Roman numerals, time, calendars, graphs, tally marks, fractions, measurement, and 'beginning' multiplication and division.


The Creation, simple geology, biomes, chemistry (simple experiments), biological sciences (animal habitats, insects, butterfly and lady bug life cycles), physics (simple experiments), good health practices, stars and planets, and life in the ocean. All science is taught through the lens of the Gospel!

Social Studies

Classroom etiquette, how to be a good friend, the eternal importance of our families, the founding of America, Pilgrims and pioneers, holidays and their history, freedom and law, geography – the oceans and continents, LDS members around the world – their customs and languages, practicing service.

Art, Music, Drama, and P.E.

These classes are taught, as hands on, to help each child develop a love for, and appreciation of the arts. The children love to explore and develop their talents in these areas! These subjects are not graded.

Computer Skills

All of our students learn basic computer and iPad skills as they practice with reading, math, science, and Church related apps.