Jenny Phillips

Jenny is a top selling recording artist who has released 27 albums, performed concerts in 23 countries and has sold over 1 million albums. She’s also the founder of the Home-School Curriculum, and The Good and the Beautiful.


I can’t praise Liahona Preparatory Academy highly enough! The drama program is unparalleled. The history classes are so powerful and engaging that my children come home excited about what they are learning, and I can see them gaining higher character and a love of truth and liberty. This unique academy is like no other educational experience of which I know.

Ganel-Lyn Condie

Ganel-Lyn is a public speaker, newspaper columnist, and author of the best-selling book series I Can With God.


We love Liahona. Our son attended as a Distance Education and an Academy student. Liahona provided amazing parental support with a capable staff, loving teachers, and dedicated administrators. Cameron’s time at Liahona opened the door to some of the greatest blessings of his life: nurturing relationships, LDS mission, acceptance to Brigham Young University Provo, and an education compared to none other.

I was honored to write about our valued association: Going forward on flimsy faith and totally uncertain about my own abilities, we enrolled him in Liahona’s distance education program for homeschoolers.

Thankfully, the program gave us some much-needed support while I figured out this homeschooling thing. It was a real school, with live teachers and students, and only forty minutes from our home. Cameron could go to campus sometimes to attend classes, but the majority of schooling would take place in our family room and kitchen. I remember calling the Liahona school secretary many times during that year. [She] would always empathetically listen to my concerns, listening as I cried. She would confidently reassure me I could do this and that Cameron would be fine. She was an angel God had sent to help me trust myself and my son. Slowly, I started to think we were going to be okay . . . someday.

After one year of homeschooling, we decided Cameron would attend Liahona on campus instead. Once back at school, Cameron [was involved in school activities] and joined the drama team. He formed dear friendships. He felt safe to grow and learn and make mistakes. In his senior year, he was even elected student-body president.

Lisa McDougle

CLC Alpine, UT


I feel like it was a miracle that I found Liahona Prep Academy when I did [after having] tried public school, which was very disappointing. I tried Homeschooling, which was wonderful, and exhausting, and fulfilling, and exhausting. [Learning how] kids go through stages in Jr. High, they will listen to just about anyone but their parents. This is when I found Liahona.

At this new venture, my children absolutely loved school! I didn’t know that was possible, judging from my own public school experiences. One even cried the last day of school wishing they’d have summer school. Each night we would have conversations around the dinner table about what they were excitedly learning about. We’d discuss the Founding Fathers, current events, issues of the day, and I was amazed at their growing patriotism and testimonies. I knew I had found the right place for my kids.

We loved the summer “Super Trips,” “Service Trips,” the sporting events, the Youth Conferences, and we parents were often involved in chaperoning these events. Parent involvement is very important and appreciated at this academy. Having the classes online motivate proper behavior in class for the students. They also love getting to know the students from around the world.

I have had four children go through the program to graduation, and on to college and missions. I appreciate the foundation they received here with teachers and faculty who love them and teach them important principles for accomplishing their missions here during their turn on earth.

Carol Stainback

We were a distance ed family at Liahona Preparatory Academy from 2010 to 2014. We had always homeschooled and religion was a part of our daily learning. I was so grateful when a friend introduced me to Liahona, a private school with an LDS-based curriculum. I looked it up online and watched the sample videos. It was exactly what I was looking for. I had my son take a look to see if he would be interested. He liked the concept, and our relationship with the school began.

The teachers were absolutely amazing. We have noticed that Liahona makes it a point to employee teachers who truly care about their students learning and academic, as well as spiritual, achievement. We have found that to be true for on-campus and distance ed students alike. After our first year in the program, we decided we wanted to meet these amazing people in person.

The first time we visited the school, my son and I were welcomed with open arms by the office staff, who guided us as to what to do and where to go. They also asked one of the on-campus students to guide us through the school day. The teachers were equally warm. They even knew my son’s name when he introduced himself. It was as if he was a part of the classroom all along.

Liahona has so much to offer students. They teach with the goal of helping their students really learn and think about the concepts. Along the way, students build habits that will help them through the rest of their schooling and their lives. My son learned to take effective notes. He learned how to make the most of studying. Liahona also does an excellent job of preparing their students for college entry exams such as the SAT and ACT. In addition, Liahona provides opportunities for spiritual and educational growth through service and super trips, youth conferences and other events, all of which the distance ed students are invited to attend.

Our experience with Liahona Preparatory Academy was fantastic, and we are always quick to share our experience with other like-minded families looking for a faith-based education option with great academics. Liahona blends academic and religious learning beautifully, and our family could not be happier to have been involved with this great school!

Peter Chan

Peter is the owner of Multinational Academic Services.

Liahona Preparatory Academy is one of the few LDS faith-based schools in the world! Their faculty and students exemplify the gospel attributes. This year, we brought nearly a hundred Chinese students to Liahona for camps. They were so touched by the warmth, fun, and intellectual stimulations they experienced. It changed their lives for the better! That’s the power of the gospel-centered education. It changes lives!