Frequently Asked

General Questions

All registration fees are per student. These fees are $100 per Elementary and Academy student (Pre-K-12th) and $50 per Distance Education student (3rd-12th).

Academy: Tuition is a specified amount that may be paid in 12 monthly payments for your convenience. Or you may pay it in one or two payments. One monthly payment is dropped per month that the student does not attend. For example, if a student enrolls November 1, having missed August, September, and October, 9 monthly payments will be charged instead of 12. Accredited students who join partway through a semester but need to complete the full semester for credit will be charged the full-semester’s tuition.

Distance Education: Tuition is a monthly payment, August 25–April 25. Tuition is prorated for students who join partway through a month. Accredited students who join partway through a semester but need to complete the full semester for credit, will be charged the full-semester’s tuition.

Academy Only: As a fully accredited program with the state of Utah, we accept a limited number of state-funded Carson Smith Scholarships for students with an IEP. For availability and more information, please contact Sister Merrill at In addition, we offer a few scholarships for trade with janitorial work or other services. These fill up quickly and are often awarded a year in advance.

Books are required and are an additional cost to your regular tuition. The current booklist can be found under the FORMS tab. The cost of books depends on the type and number of classes you are registered for and can range from $25 to $300. Many of the textbooks we use are written specifically for Liahona Preparatory Academy; others are purchased from reputable curriculum publishers. Upon payment, books will be delivered a student’s first day of school or shipped.

Accredited classes build credit towards a State of Utah Diploma and are required by some states in order to homeschool. Non-accredited classes do not build credit. Other than a proctored test, there is no difference in the work given between a non-accredited or accredited class. Accredited students are required to turn in their assignments and tests to Liahona for grading, non-accredited are not. Should you decide to be accredited, we encourage you to meet in person or by phone with our accreditation counselor, Sister Dedrickson.

Liahona Preparatory Academy is fully accredited by AdvancED, one of the largest accrediting agencies in the nation. Liahona can accept transferred credit from other accredited institutions. With prior approval, you may also receive high school credit for classes that meet the standards as stated in our Off-Campus Extracurricular Credit Form located under FORMS.

Some states require homeschooled students to be enrolled in an accredited program. Also, some parents like the flexibility of the non-accredited program while others appreciate the structure and accountability for their children on the accredited program.

There are many factors to be considered when deciding if your student should be accredited. What goals does your student have? Certain professions require a high school diploma or GED equivalent, such as: police, military, and fire academies. What kind of test-taker is your student and where do they want to go to college? Some colleges and universities are more difficult to be accepted to without a diploma. For example, BYU-Provo requires a minimum 27 ACT score without a diploma before they will consider your application. Traditionally, about half of our students are accredited and half of our students are not. Please be aware that we cannot accredit in arrears more than the previous semester, so when unaccredited students contact us years later needing a diploma, we are unable to assist with those requests.

Of course! However, please note that the current month’s tuition as well as a withdrawal fee will be assessed. Accredited students who withdraw before the end of the semester will receive F’s for that semester.

NoteBowl is a student management system we have partnered with to ensure students and parents are aware of what is happening in their classes and assignments. Through NoteBowl, parents and students can read daily updates about what was discussed in class as well as view upcoming or past assignments and grades. Students are able to discuss on a public platform and setting what was talked about in class with the teachers and other students.

The most likely answer is that your e-mail address is already in use. NoteBowl requires a unique e-mail for each individual student. You may not use the same e-mail for multiple children. If there is confusion with this, please call the front office, and they will help solve your problem.

Telenect is a video streaming platform we have partnered with to bring you live and pre-recorded classes as well as replays of live classes, which are available any time.

Liahona Preparatory Academy offers many fun activities each year including a week-long youth conference each October, a Super, Service, or Mini Trip in the summer, as well as monthly activities for on-campus students. Liahona invites both DE and academy students to attend Prom and graduation in the spring. Liahona boasts a nationally award-winning theatre department that travels to compete 2-3 times a year as well as perform multiple high-quality productions. More information can be found on the Calendar link or the Student Activity link.

Held in May, every 12th grade Distance Education and Academy student, whether accredited or non-accredited is welcome to attend graduation. Out-of-town participants are invited to join us for a rehearsal the day of graduation. Graduation information is e-mailed and mailed around February.

Elder Holland made an appeal for a “distinctly LDS approach to education.” President Kimball defined that concept as bathing every secular subject in the light and color of the restored gospel. Over the past 20 years, Liahona Preparatory Academy and Distance Education program have developed the principles of Restoration Education, demonstrating how academics and restored knowledge are combined to increase student learning and understanding as they become relevant to their purposes here on earth. More information on this can be found at

Academy Students

The bell schedule can be found at the following links: Academy Daily Schedule or Elementary Daily Schedule.

Any teacher or administrator is happy to meet with parents, in person or by e-mail, to answer questions and concerns, but since Liahona offers so much information to parents about what your student is studying and how they are doing through Telenect and NoteBowl, parent/teacher conferences are often redundant.

We observe two Monday holidays: Labor Day and Presidents’ Day. Since we follow a four-day school week and film our classes, we do not observe the other Monday holidays.

We hope you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Students never need to get behind when they are sick or go on vacation because the classes they missed are always available. It’s a great resource to study for upcoming tests or review concepts with parents.

DE Students

Currently, Digital Journalism is the only online elective class. Digital Journalism is conducted and taught live over Google Hangouts on NoteBowl and registered Liahona students around the world are invited to participate in this class.

All other elective classes take place at the Liahona Preparatory Academy campus in Pleasant Grove, Utah. Local Distance Education students are invited to register for on-campus elective classes. The cost for electives is $45 per month un-accredited or $65 a month accredited.

Finally, each fall, interested Distance Education students are invited to audition for and participate in Liahona’s award-winning Shakespeare Competition team. DE students are expected to rehearse on their own time and then come to Utah for two weeks before the competition to rehearse and compete with the rest of the team.

We are bringing you live classes from our campus in Utah; therefore, start times may fluctuate up to ten minutes after the scheduled start. This may be due to a variety of reasons. Please wait ten minutes before calling the front office in this situation. If we are unable to broadcast a class or have a system-wide issue, we will e-mail everyone as soon as we are aware of it.

Absolutely! We would love to have you visit us! Before you do, please make sure you read the dress code located HERE. We also ask that you notify the front office of your visit at least one week prior to your visit. If you are a local Distance Education student, we love your visits as well; however, in order to keep the school from overcrowding, we ask that you please limit your visits to 2-3 times per month.

Once each semester, accredited students are required to take and pass a proctored exam. Proctors must meet certain requirements and be pre-approved. The exam will be sent to the proctor and must be returned to Liahona Preparatory Academy by the proctor. If a student does not pass the initial proctored exam, one retake of a new exam will be allowed. Proctored tests are taken from the regular tests given in class.

Google Chrome was just updated. With this change, there are a couple of things you need to do to get Chrome working. When you enter a class, you should see a black screen where the video will be. When this happens, you need to go to the top where the link is. There will be an I with a circle around it at the beginning. You will click it and enable flash by always allowing it. You will then need to refresh it. You will then be able to watch the class.