Our Faculty and Staff


Kolleen DeGraff


Jordan Long

Assistant Administrator / Fine Arts Chair

Breanne Dedrickson

Principal / Accreditation


John Orgill

Tech Support and Fast Track Teacher

Kim Anderson

Front Office

Alicia Apgood

Front Office

Merry Simmons

Front Office / Youth Conference Coordinator

Jeannie Bell


Laura Jackson

Social Media Director


Teachers at Liahona are some of the finest to be found in any educational system. Our teachers are passionate about including gospel truth along with their academic subjects. They are excited about learning and impart that attitude to their students. They believe that learning can be fun as well as educational, and at Liahona, it is!

Liahona conducts criminal background checks on all teachers and staff.

Amy Frandsen

Intermediate and High School Science Teacher

Jacob Dalton

Intermediate/High School History and Student Council Advisor

Deborah Rowley

3-6 Grade

Annette Durfee

Elementary/Pre-Algebra, Algebra I

Rochelle Rudd


Katie Merril

Math 8/7