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A Christ-centered education adaptive to foster our student’s divine potential.


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At Liahona, we believe students are more than a testing level or term grade. We teach our students to understand core fundamentals in our curriculum so they can learn to apply the concepts to advanced material. They learn to work through problems instead of relying on short-term memory. This teaching philosophy has proven effective as we have seen even if standardized testing, our students outperform the testing averages.


Integrated home Education
All the benefits of a home-led education— none of the limits.
A Christ-Centered Environment
The foundation of a Latter-day Saint education and the safety of a Christ-centered campus.
Excellence in Opporunity
Fostering individual excellence through flexibility and new opportunity.


Amazing school! Everyone is so friendly and kind, the teachers all care about the students, and it’s a safe place to learn. Much better than any other public, private, charter, or online school you can go to, and this is coming from a person who’s switched schools 8 times. Also - AWESOME theatre program! I LOVE Liahona!
Kye C
Kye C
17:19 01 Jul 21
Wonderful school that really understands what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is about. To love God with all your heart might mind and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself. They teach their students to be kind to others and you can feel a difference when your there. I’m also so grateful for their approach to Restoration Education that allow students to see the hand of God in the subjects they are learning especially in classes that’s involved History.
Tami Huber
Tami Huber
13:55 07 May 20
Our children started taking Distance Education classes several years ago. Our youngest is now enrolled, and is also able to be a part of the Theatre class on campus. It has been a wonderful experience! Such a blessing to have the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ integrated into the curriculum. We so appreciate the good atmosphere! And the teachers are phenomenal! Its rare to see such dedication and commitment, as well as knowledge of their subjects. So much creativity, and care. Our daughter feels their sincere love and concern for her!My 11 year old daughter says: "It's the BEST SCHOOL EVER!!!"
Julie Dunford
Julie Dunford
20:22 17 Dec 18
If you want freedom as a parent, and a place where your child is wanted and loved, come here! Its a nurturing environment, small classes and parents are honored and have control over their child's education. Liahona has a fantastic theatre program that uplifts and bonds the student body. The school hours are tailored to give you more family time and the ability to add whatever you want to your child's education equaling more balance for you! The school week is always Monday through Thursday and generally more time off at holidays. They live stream classes so you can be on vacation or out sick and still participate and or view past classes. We love this school!!!
Shalane Kerr
Shalane Kerr
17:52 19 Dec 18
Excellent School. The teachers treat the kids as equals which motivates them to want to do their best. One of my daughters said she would never want to miss an assignment because it would disappoint the teacher who had confidence in her to complete it. The school has a peace and goodness that can only come from a place of learning that speaks of God and starts with prayer.
13:20 21 Jul 17


Learn more about us and the top reasons our students and their families choose to become Warriors.
  • 1

    Family First

    We partner with families to ease the stress and time commitment of homeschooling while supporting parents being intimately involved in their students’ education.

  • 2

    The Flexibiltiy to Become

    We can customize schedules so students can invest time into their unique talents and our small classrooms allow teachers to engage their student’s intuitive learning aptitudes so student’s can become confident and successful.

  • 3

    Safe Developement

    We are deliberate in creating a mentally, emotionally, and spiritually safe place for students to grow. Students thrive when they can develop and learn without the added stress of being bullied, isolated, or overwhelmed.


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