Event Details

Youth Conference will be on October 3-7.

11 years and up are invited to attend. Age 10 is welcome to come with an adult or older sibling.

For 5-12 graders, the school will be in session (classes filmed) on Monday. DE students are welcome to come and join us for Monday classes. You will need to be in Dress Code and attend classes while on campus. *Please see Academy P&P for clarification.

Check-in will be Monday, 10/3 at Aspen Grove from 4:30-5:30. Check out Friday, 10/7 by 11 am.

**Dinner will be provided Monday night!

clipart-leaves-clipart-autumn-5 – Borough of Raritanclipart-leaves-clipart-autumn-5 – Borough of Raritan

Pre-K through 4 grade: Tuesday-Thursday will be Fall break. *Classes will be in session Monday, Oct. 3.

For those who cannot attend Youth Conference, this will be Fall break. *No classes Tuesday-Thursday.